SSI Schaefer Packaging Systems Division: The Mission Statement

SSI Schaefer Custom Packaging SolutionsSchaefer’s Packaging Systems Division was created in 1998 to establish an industry standard for innovative reusable packaging products, storage containers, dunnage, custom packaging solutions as well as a response to the specific needs of the North American shipping standards and NAFTA transit specifications used by many North American Manufacturers.

Our continuing goals are to:

  • Develop reusable packaging systems that provide superior product protection
  • Increase storage and transportation efficiency
  • Reduce packaging waste
  • Create products that can be reused or made of recycled materials
  • Reduce unnecessary customer investment in overall packaging costs

SSI Schaefer Packaging Efficiency


Critical Key Performance Indicators to analyze your Packaging Efficiency

In today’s challenging market, improving efficiency and reducing costs has been a priority for all businesses. Everybody knows that. But, not everybody is aware of the opportunities they have to do so. For many, packaging is seen as unavoidable “waste spending”. While some might consider this statement as true, it is also true that paying attention to this field brings opportunities for huge savings in many cases. The questions one usually asks are, “How do I know if I am doing things right, and how can I measure improvement?”

When considering the implementation of a reusable packaging system, it is critical to step back and determine the objectives one is trying to accomplish. Once these goals are established, one must monitor and measure actual performance to establish benchmarks; thus identifying the biggest and most immediate opportunities. The four basic benchmark areas to evaluate for packaging are: Effectiveness, Efficiency, Waste, and Cost.

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